Welcome to EngineLogics.

EngineLogics is the US distributor for Link Engine Management System.With a simple philosophy towards drive-able performance we at EngineLogics approach our project with a different mindset. Whether it is tuning a street car or building an endurance racer, reliability and drive ability is the basis of everything we do. We approach projects one vehicle at a time.  We are not vehicle specific in what we do, therefore our approach towards performance projects is one of, “because somebody has been doing it for years a certain way does not mean that it has been done the right way.” Due to the variety of projects we undertake we bring a much wider perception, knowledge and approach to the way we tackle our performance projects.

Who Is EngineLogics

To ensure that every project is completed with integrity and to customer satisfaction.
Honesty in high performance
We always give 100% and we will take care of you the customer.
No matter how big or small your project or what your goals are, we can and will deliver.

Some of Our Crazy Skills

Reliable performance tuning 100
Custom Engine Builds 100
Fabrication and TIG welding 100
Maintenance and Service 100