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[fusion_title size=”2″]Welcome to EngineLogics.[/fusion_title]
EngineLogics is the US distributor for Link Engine Management System.With a simple philosophy towards drive-able performance we at EngineLogics approach our project with a different mindset. Whether it is tuning a street car or building an endurance racer, reliability and drive ability is the basis of everything we do. We approach projects one vehicle at a time.  We are not vehicle specific in what we do, therefore our approach towards performance projects is one of, “because somebody has been doing it for years a certain way does not mean that it has been done the right way.” Due to the variety of projects we undertake we bring a much wider perception, knowledge and approach to the way we tackle our performance projects.

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[fusion_title size=”2″]Who Is EngineLogics[/fusion_title]
[fusion_toggle title=”Our Company Mission”]To ensure that every project is completed with integrity and to customer satisfaction.[/fusion_toggle]
[fusion_toggle title=”The EngineLogics Philosophy”]Honesty in high performance[/fusion_toggle]
[fusion_toggle title=”The EngineLogics Promise”]We always give 100% and we will take care of you the customer.[/fusion_toggle]
[fusion_toggle title=”We Can Deliver On Projects”]No matter how big or small your project or what your goals are, we can and will deliver.[/fusion_toggle]

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[fusion_title size=”2″]Some of Our Crazy Skills[/fusion_title]
[fusion_progress percentage=”100″]Reliable performance tuning[/fusion_progress][fusion_progress percentage=”100″]Custom Engine Builds[/fusion_progress][fusion_progress percentage=”100″]Fabrication and TIG welding[/fusion_progress]
[fusion_progress percentage=”100″]Maintenance and Service[/fusion_progress]