Cobb AccessPort Tuning

Cobb AccessPort

The AccessPort is a device that enables recalibration of sensors and the manipulation of data in the factory ECU. It provides the capability to re-flash selected segments of information that are stored in the computer that control engine function. These segments of data that are written to the ECU are collectively referred to as maps. Cobb engineers and calibration specialists created maps that modify sensor calibrations, look-up table values and algorithms to ensure that the ECU is receiving accurate information and respond in an appropriate way.

Cobb AccessPort

Is the ultimate integration of performance and sophistication as the manufacturer’s complex and precise engine management logic and ECU data integrity is retained.

The beauty of the AccessPort is that it can continue to grow with additional modifications beyond the scope of just OTS maps.

Cobb AccessPort tuner or a Pro tuner

EngineLogics has been a Cobb AccessPort tuner or a Pro tuner for many years now and as an AccessPort PRO Tuner EngineLogics can safely and accurately tune your Subaru, Mitsubishi and with our AccessPort Pro Tuner software we can tune your Nissan GTR as well.

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