DynoDynamics AWD Dyno

DynoDynamics AWD Dyno

Our dyno tuning rates are competitive and our equipment is best in class, well maintained and in excellent condition..

Dyno tuning at EngineLogics is done on two Eddy Current enabled chassis dynos  which allows us to not only tune accurately for all conditions, road and performance,  but also helps us in diagnosing drive-ability issues. We have a very accurate all wheel DynoDyanmics Dyno, baptized by our customers as “Betsy the Heart Breaker” and a Mustang MD250. Both dyno’s are correctly calibrated and reads exactly the same

With a bone crushing torque capability of 4500 ft/lb Betsy can measure 1800 HP on the dual retarder side, 900 HP on the single retarder side and 2400 HP combined. Peak Hold capability is 1200 HP on the dual retarder and 600 HP on the single retarder. Our all wheel dyno can handle front wheel drive, rear wheel drive, AWD, 4WD 2WD and single wheel drive.

To cater to the dyno tuning needs of our pickup truck owners, especially dualies, our Mustang MD-250 is capable of 1800HP and about the same figure in torque.

Mustang MD 250 Dyno

Mustang MD 250

Eddy Current dyno.

Eddy Current dynamometers are currently the most common absorbers used in modern chassis dynos. The Eddy Current absorbers provide the engine tuner with quick load change rate for rapid load settling. Eddy Current dynamometers allow steady state and controlled acceleration rate operation, there counterparts allows for wide open throttle only.

A 24000 CFM air extraction system ensure for a continues quality air stream in the dyno room and therefore guarantee a proper tuning environment.

From high performance dyno tuning too tuning for fuel efficiency and drive-ability, EngineLogics will take care of your engine tuning needs.

Tuning principles, does not deviate from model make or engine therefore our wide range of experience of tuning high performance engines.

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Dyno Rates:

Three Pulls with printout and AFR $95.00
Unlimited pulls Per Hour or part thereof with printout and AFR $250.00
One vehicle half or full day rental Call
Clubs full day rental Call

Contact us at 281-933-2262 to setup an appointment

Dyno tuning checklist:

  • An appointment with a $150.00 deposit is required.
  • Deposit will not be refunded on a “No Show
  • No deposit refund once your vehicle is on the dyno and the tune cannot be completed due to issues with the vehicle.
  • Make sure you have at least half a tank of fuel.
  • All tuning is done on unleaded fuel. (You will be required to purchase your own oxygen sensor if you want to be tuned on a leaded fuel)
  • If a tuner such as Cobb Access Port etc. is used, make sure that you bring the interface unit with you.
  • Bring any software you might have for your ECU’s application.
  • List all modifications.
  • Ensure all electrical connections are correct and make proper contact.
  • Check all fluid levels and top-off if required.
  • Check all charge piping and clamps are secured and tight.
  • Verify correct spark plug and gap.
  • Ensure that the tires are in good and safe operational condition and verify correct tire pressure.
  • Be on time.
  • Vehicle will not be released to any other person except the owner or if pre-arranged by the owner.
  • Any work done not pertaining to the tuning of the vehicle itself, will be charged based on book time and at a rate of no less than $90.00 per hour.

Contact EngineLogics, for the best all-round tuning performance in Houston.