EFILive TuningThe accuracy of our 2400 HP capable Eddy Current DynoDynamics combined with the awesome abilities the EFILive tuning suite affords us, we can tune your Corvette, Camaro or many other GM based vehicles safely and accurately. (Model Year 98/99 and up)

By manipulating the engine Controller, Power train Controller and Transmission Controller many of the driving and power aspects of your Corvette, Camaro or other GM based vehicles can be changed.

Whether it is tuning a race engine in your car or just tuning your car for the street, you can trust EngineLogics to take care of your performance tuning needs.

EFILive engine tuning or dyno tuning is not only for increased horse power but it can also be used to enhance the drive-ability and fuel consumption of your GM based vehicle.

If you need a Camaro tuner, Corvette tuner or general performance engine tuner for your GM based vehicle then contact us today to see how we can help you with your performance tuning project.

Don’t always believe the horse power figures you are given. Give us a visit and let us show and teach you how with simple math, you can verify how much power your car can really make.