Link G4 Engine Management Systems.

Our user friendly stand alone and plug -in Engine Management Systems gives you what you need to unleash the power in your engine. From advanced full-featured engine control unit like the G4 Plus Xtreme to ignition-only management systems like the G4 Lightning, EngineLogics puts your engine’s power potential back in your hands, where it belongs.

Take Your Engine’s performance to the Next Level

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engine management

PCLink Tuning Screen

Why settle for factory designed ignition, fuel injection, valve timing and cam mapping systems when Link G4 ECUs can take your engine to the next level? Link G4 engine management systems are designed to be installed with virtually any application, and are known throughout the industry for their power and versatility. The advanced configurability of the G4 Plus Xtreme, for instance, can enhance the performance of even the most complex engines and can be found in many street, endurance and drag racing cars. Link engine management products are also widely used in watercraft such as racing boats, cruisers, outboard engines and jets skis.

Have It All With Our Stand Alone Engine Management Systems

Link leads many in the industry in comprehensive and cost-effective ECUs. Whether you want a top end management system, a simple plug-in or anything in between, EngineLogics offers it in one of the following G4 products:

G4 Plus Xtreme + – Top End Engine Management
G4 Plus Storm + – Comprehensive Engine Management
G4 Plug-In – Quick Fit Plug & Play Engine Management
G4 Atom – Entry Level Engine Management
G4 RX – Rotary Engine Management
G4 Lightning – Comprehensive and Most Advanced Ignition only Management

Installing your G4 ECU is easy, thanks to PCLink tuning software. PCLink lets you configure all of your ECU’s functions in real time, while offering other cutting-edge features such as automated tuning, data log analysis and ECU firmware updates.
Wire-in & Plug-in ECU’s and Accessories

Wire-In ECU’s

EngineLogics wire-in engine management systems are designed to be installed in virtually all applications that are fitted with electronically controlled engines. Link wire-in engine management systems are fully adjustable using PCLink tuning software, and come with a multipurpose breakout loom that enables easy installation. All Link wire-in engine management systems are compatible with the DisplayLink graphical display.

Plug-in ECU’s

EngineLogics plug-in systems or ecu’s are dedicated engine management systems built for a specific application (vehicle). They require a minimal amount of installation and come with the following features:

Ability to plug directly into factory ECU connectors
Fully adjustable configurations using PCLink turning software
Compatibility with DisplayLink

Engine Management Accessories

In addition to advanced engine management systems EngineLogics also supplies a wide range of quality tuning tools, ancillary devices and installation accessories. If you want to fine tune your engine’s performance, EngineLogics offers the following products:

Tuning Tools – PCLink Advanced Tuning Software, Link Tuning Module
Ancillary Products – DisplayLink graphical display, KnockBlock
Installation Accessories – Sensors – MAP, Temperature, O2, TPS
Output Conditioners and Devices – Igniters, Ballast Resistors, Fuel Pumps, e-throttle
Looms and Header Links – Wiring Looms and adapters

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