Hondata K-ProHondata K-pro is our choice for just about all our Honda engine tuning. Accurate and capable of handling almost any and every thing you can throw at it.

Save for your every day ride, yet at the same time intelligent enough to handle fully build high boost turbo charged engines. From a 300 hp natural aspirated Frankenstein Honda SI to a monster turbo charged 700 HP S2000 Hondata can handle it all in stride.

From sleeving to cylinder head porting, from custom turbo installations to custom made stainless exhaust systems, if you have a Honda project that you want to be proud of come and see us and let us help you achieve your target.

Reliable, precision and accurate performance engine tuning is what you can expect from us. If it is K-Pro tuner you need, EngineLogics is your dyno tuning shop to visit.

Pay us a visit and see what EngineLogics, your Honda K-pro tuner in Houston, can do for you.