HP TunersWe have chosen HP Tuners as part of our tuning suite of products. Accuracy, reliability and repeatability are always a requirement when performance engine tuning is done.

Reliably and accurate normal aspirated, supercharged and turbo charged Ford Mustang tuning and truck dyno tuning (models 2005 and up) is our aim. Race car tuning is part of what we do. Ford tuning for power, drivability or just economy is all part of why we do what we do: reliable performance engine tuning.

Unlike many other well know performance tuning shops that have only experience with one type of performance tuning software or one type of vehicle brand, at EngineLogics it is all about choice. We want our customers to participate in their performance goals therefore the wide array of engine tuning software available to them.

Safely and reliably dyno tuning a 600 HP turbo charged four cylinder one day, a normal aspirated 425 HP Corvette the next and a 750 HP supercharged Mustang the following day proves our tuning abilities and gives us the opportunity to be creative outside the realm of a single brand.

Performance tuning a 800 HP turbo charged four banger turning at 9500 rpm takes a lot more precision, skill  and accuracy then a 400 HP big block V8. Half a degree of timing error on the 4 banger boosting at 35 PSI will literally blow the bottom end out of the engine where the same mistake will do absolutely nothing to the big block V8. Tuning high horsepower turbo charged four bangers taught us how to tune accurately and without mistakes because we have not blown up a single engine since our inception and it is this experience that we bring to the big block world.

Come and visit our performance tuning shop. You might be pleasantly surprise. We know, others were. Make us your Mustang tuner or Corvette Tuner.  Race car tuning or just simple street car performance engine tuning we can handle it all.