Services we offer at EngineLogics

With a simple philosophy towards drive-able performance we at EngineLogics approach our projects with a different mindset. Whether it is tuning a street car or building an endurance racer, reliability and drive ability is the basis of everything we do. We approach projects one vehicle at a time. We guarantee that the money you pay will go towards your project and not somewhere else. (We do not rob Peter to pay Paul)

We are not vehicle specific in what we do therefore our approach towards performance projects is a one off, “because somebody has been doing it for years a certain way does not mean that it has been done the right way.”

From state of the art custom built high performance engines, street and track cars, and everything in-between, we do it all. We even fly on our own engines.  For quality and efficient work, there’s no one more uniquely qualified for the job than us. Standard or custom, we do it! We will take your project from initial concept to final proven result, performance tuning included.

A sampling of what we offer:

  • Performance Engine Dyno Tuning
  • Stand alone engine management systems
  • Custom Fuel Injection Conversions
  • Custom Fuel Systems
  • Engine Builds
  • Cylinder Head Porting
  • Engine Swaps
  • Engine Bay Cleanup
  • Partial and full Wiring projects
  •  Turbo Systems
  • Supercharger Systems
  • Intake Systems
  • Performance and Manual Transmission Rebuilds
  • Chassis Work
  • Roll Cages
  • Nitrous Systems
  • Fabrication
  • Tig and Mig Welding
  • Suspension Setups
  • Engine Turning