UpRev OsirisUpRev Osiris engine management software is a license-based tuning suite which is comprehensive enough to tune configurations from simple bolt-on to extreme upgraded supercharged, single and twin turbo charged Nissan applications.

There is a license fee of $300.00 plus the cost of tuning.

EngineLogics is experienced not only in the engine tuning using UpRev but also in the building of extreme high performance Nissan/Infinity engines. From in-house porting to complete sleeved high performance engine projects we do it all. Our philosophy that an endurance engine will always be a fairly good drag engine but a drag engine will never be a good endurance engine has served our customers well.

EngineLogics also specialize in the installation of stand alone or after market engine management systems for older Nissan models. Add to it our full wiring / rewiring service and we become your on stop shop.

EngineLogics is one of the oldest and most experienced UpRev tuners in Houston.  For all your Nissan and Infinity tuning needs contact EngineLogics today 281-933-2262

Current Nissan and Infinity vehicle list that we can dyno tune with UpRev:

G35, G37, 350Z, 370Z, Titan, Frontier, Maxima, Altima, Centra, Armada, QX56, M35, M45